MPAQ Products

MPAQ specializes in control systems for ready mix, precast, pre-stressed, block plants and other mixing plants as well as dispatch systems for ready mix operations. Our controls are 100% Windows 7 based and well known for their ease of use and reliability.

We combine graphical software developed using the latest commercial technologies with nonproprietary, leading-brand hardware components. This protects your automation investments in two ways:

  1. Assures the integration of your plant automation with the rest of your business through well-established networking and database standards

  2. Gives you access to the best hardware and widely available replacement parts

What we do...

  • TouchBatch™ controls for Ready Mix, Paving and Concrete Products plants
  • Dispatch systems for ready mix operations
  • Integration with dispatch and accounting systems
  • Mixer moisture control for block, precast and prestress
  • Automatic Material Handling panels using PLC logic
  • Color batching software for solid or liquid dispensers

Both our batch and dispatch products connect seamlessly to other industry-standard software applications (such as other batch, dispatch and truck tracking systems, SAP, Quadrel, etc..) and export production data to your accounting system.

MPAQ also distributes and services Hydronix moisture probes, the leading microwave sensor for moisture compensation in ready mix, dry cast, wet cast and self compacting concrete.