Insight Dispatch

From plant site to job site, your goal is to deliver concrete efficiently and on time. The profitability of your operation depends on it. With this in mind, we have redesigned our dispatch system from the ground up. Our new Insight dispatch brings an accurate and intuitive understanding of the day's proceedings to your dispatch office. From small details such as reducing the number of clicks needed to perform a task, to advanced features such as detachable windows, we have used every technology available to bring about a worthwhile companion to our TouchBatch™ system.

The new MPAQ Insight dispatch is the tool your dispatchers need in order to make informed decisions based on real-time, easily accessible and well organized information.

The Insight can be configured for a single location, as a central dispatch or as a distributed dispatch with centralized data storage. All data resides in a central computer in your office, using Microsoft server operating system and SQL database for reliability, speed and compatibility. The Insight interfaces with all ready mix batching systems using the industry standard U-Link protocol.

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Insight Dispatch

Order Entry

  • Enter your orders from any location on your company network, either centrally in your dispatch office, or locally in each plant. This gives you full flexibility as all data resides in a central computer in your office.
  • Retrieve client information and order history from a centralized database.
  • One-click integration with Google maps shows directions and estimated travel time to jobsite based on delivery address.
  • Quick pick mix designs and extra products for the order from your product database. Insight supports multiple mixes and extra products in one order.
  • Print COD tickets with prices, taxes and surcharges.
  • View an on-screen running log of all deliveries and total amounts for all your orders.


  • Use your real time truck demand graph to quickly decide where to fit a new order within the current schedule.
  • Visualize at any time the number of trucks needed in each plant, both for firm and conditional orders. Anticipate well in advance any potential truck shortage.
  • Play what-if scenarios by varying timing and frequency of deliveries while observing its effects on the truck demand graph.
  • Loads are automatically scheduled upon saving the order, with the option to reschedule individual loads if necessary.
  • You can set a different delivery schedule for each mix within an order with multiple mixes.
  • Easily determine if you have excess trucks in your yard as the work day winds down.
  • Automatically generate your driver call-in requirements for the next day.

Sending tickets

  • Your tickets are sent directly to your batch computers through your company's TCP/IP network. The batcher at the plant only needs to select the ticket and start batching, no data entry required.
  • Easily dispatch one order from different plants. Insight will keep track of the total amounts dispatched.
  • Color coded prompts anticipate when to send the next ticket for each job in progress.
  • One click "oops" function allows to quickly cancel and re-send a ticket issued in error.
  • You can send adjustments for admixtures and water embedded within the ticket.
  • An on-screen running log for all tickets sent, with a drill-in feature to show ticket details is one click away, keeping you informed at all times.

Tracking deliveries

  • Insight dispatch interfaces flawlessly with leading GPS tracking systems to send information about the order and to receive current status for each truck.
  • Jobsite delivery address is sent to your GPS tracking system so it can create a "geo-fence" around the jobsite. Geo-fences are used to detect when a truck arrives or leaves a jobsite, as well as when it arrives or leaves the plant. Other events such as "Mixing", "Pouring", "Washing" and "Returning" continuously update the delivery status on the Insight tracking screen.
  • For trucks without GPS tracking units, Insight can update their status based on times and spacing entered on the order.
  • User defined color coding and context sensitive information keeps dispatchers informed and facilitates taking quick action to solve potential problems.

Logging and reporting

  • A full suite of reports keeps you informed and help you pinpoint trends or issues that may be hampering your operation. Insight gives you the power to optimize your operation, reduce waste and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Reports are web-based and accessible from within your company network using a simple web browser. All text and graphic reports can be easily printed.
  • Reports can be displayed according to a selected time range, client, mix, driver, truck an other parameters.
  • Real time on-screen log, with drill-through feature for details, shows all tickets sent, including cancelled and voided tickets.

Interfacing to accounting and back-office software

  • Export ticket data to popular accounting software such as QuickBooks, Sage Simply and Adagio to expedite invoicing and eliminate errors. Export to other accounting software is also available.
  • Custom interfaces to quality control and management software such as Quadrel and SAP.

Insight Dispatch

Dispatch Screen

The Insight screen in this example is customized to show four windows: Order's List and Schedule on the top, Truck Status and Demand on the bottom. Note the additional tabs on the upper left to open other windows. Any window can also be "detached" and relocated to a second monitor.

Order Details

Order Details window. On the expandable bottom section you can enter multiple mixes and extra products.

Send Ticket To Plant

Ticket dispatch pop-up allows for last minute adjustments or changes to accommodate shifting requirements.

Dispatch Load Times

Web-based reports can be viewed and printed using your favorite Internet web browser from within your company private network. User name and password protection limits access to reports.

Driver Utilization Report

Efficiency reports help you pinpoint problem areas and optimize different aspects of your operation.